Brokers Welcome

California Communities values our local real estate brokers and agents. We know that you have many homes to show your clients and we want our residences to be on the top of your list. We are committed to providing you and your clients the best new-home buying experience possible.


Our Agent/Broker fee (percentage or flat fee) is a referral fee for walking your client in to our residences on their first visit. This is a strict policy that requires agents/brokers to accompany your client on the client’s first visit to our homes or preview event. All referral fees will be paid upon close of escrow directly to the referring Broker. No portion of the referral fee may be credited to the Buyer through escrow.

Broker/Agent referral fee is offered in consideration for sale of homes to third party buyers who are represented by a Broker or Agent. Broker/Agent referral fee is not available for occupancy by the Broker or Agent in the transaction. Neither Broker nor Agent may be a party to the Purchase Agreement, Loan or on Title for the home.


When accompanying your client into the residences on their first visit or preview event, please complete the Broker Registration form at the community. If your client has not physically visited the residences before, we will allow you to register as their agent/broker and attach you to the client’s file. While you are always welcome, from that point forward you no longer need to accompany the client on future visits they make to the community.


California Communities understands that in order to successfully sell real estate, brokers must also have thoughtful marketing campaigns. Although we support local broker efforts to market our neighborhoods for sale, we maintain the exclusive rights to all text, photos and video assets located on our website or in other California Communities marketing materials. Use of any marketing assets requires approval by California Communities.

We look forward to helping you and your client through the new home experience.