Sales Process for 1133 Reinclaud Ct. & 1134 Prunelle Ct.

  • Offers must be submitted on the California Communities offer form, and offers must be submitted with a valid Preliminary Approval letter or proof of liquid funds (US bank/brokerage account). Please email sales manager for link to disclosures and offer form,
  • Offers will be reviewed as they are submitted.
  • Offers must be for a specific dollar amount. Seller reserves the right to accept, reject, or counter any offer.
  • California Communities will respond to Buyers within 72 hours. Once an offer has been accepted, Buyer will have 24 hours to sign contract documents and remit a personal check payable to First American Title Company in the amount of 3% of the purchase price.
  • Be sure your Preliminary Approval Letter is not expired and is sufficient to cover the purchase price.
  • Cash Buyers must provide a current copy (less than 90 days old) of their proof of liquid funds (US bank/brokerage account) in an amount sufficient to cover the purchase price.

*Only offers that are submitted in accordance with the above requirements will be considered. Seller reserves discretion to accept or reject any offer.  Seller does also reserve the right to accept an offer at any time.  Failure to meet all requirements above will result in disqualification. The Sales Process is subject to change or cancellation without advance notice.  All home sales are subject to availability and Seller terms set forth in the purchase agreement.